Cloud storage for everyone. And for every need.

From sharing megabytes of photos and videos to storing terabytes of sensitive data, your DigiBoxx cloud storage covers it all.


  • Create your own, secure inbox. Share on choice.
  • Upload from your mobile phone.
  • InstaShareTM your photos and videos.
  • Save all your critical documents in one place
  • Save pdfs, ppts, docs, excels, images, videos, music in one place.


  • Create a secure, digital data folder for your enterprise.
  • Manage custom workflows and approval systems.
  • Access, share and upload on-the-go, on any device.
  • InstaShare critical files with clients. Instantly.
  • Manage the digital space used by your teams
  • Track & conserve feedback conversations between teams
  • Collaborate better.

One intelligent cloud storage. Multiple ways to share.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an individual or a team of 100 – DigiBoxx cloud storage is designed to be the most secure and the fastest way to share JPEGs, MP4s, PNGs, documents and other formats, of any size.

Upload, share, connect with your cloud storage instantly.

Can’t wait until you create a DigiBoxx cloud storage account? No problem. Just upload to your cloud storage and share large files in a jiffy using your email id & mobile number.

Easy cloud storage access, to organise critical files.

DigiBoxx allows you to access files in your cloud storage instantly. And you can also give feedback on the same intuitive, single source of data, that’s securely locked away from anyone else while being forever in your reach.


Strong tech for simple cloud storage integration.

Digital cloud storage and asset management has never been this easy or this productive, thanks to the power we pack into back-end development.


Easy storing. Better cloud storage management.

Track digital assets stored in your cloud storage with robust analytics. Generate reports on cloud storage asset activity and identify the best-performing assets in your cloud storage.


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